What Can Fearless on the Net Do For You?

My goal with this site is to help as many people as possible to use the net and the devices they employ (smart phones, tablets, lap tops, etc.) to their maximum benefit while staying safe doing so. My objectives for you are that you will be:

  • Connected
  • Enabled
  • Secure


Connected means having access whenever wanted to all of the great resources that the net makes available. Sometimes this is just for enjoyment. Sometimes it is for major life impacting needs. You should have control over when and how you are connected. You should not be limited in the way you connect by any lack of know how or concerns for safety. You should never be subjected to any kind of connection that you do not want.


Eabled means being able to do the things that you want and need to do with the net and your devices. That can only happen when you know what you need, when you have what you need, when everything works correctly, and when you know how to use it.


Secure means that you know how to stay safe on the net. Nothing can give you bullet-proof protection but when you know what to do and what not to do and when you know how to recognize the danger signs then you are able to stay as safe as you can be.

What the Site Offers

Non-registered users have full access to the blog which offers articles, news, and advice on current site-related topics. Limited access is available for tips, how-tos, most product offerings, and other services. Non-registered users cannot post comments in the site and are limited to read-only access to the forum.

Registered users have full access to the blog and forum including the ability to post comments to blog articles and the ability to create and participate in forum discussions. They have full access to tips, and how-tos and other services. They have the opportunity to purchase extended services when available. They have access to all product offerings including specials only available to registered users.

Learn More

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