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Internet Know-How For You! Fearless on the Net

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You! Fearless on the net! What does that mean? What is this all about?  In a nut shell it is about Internet know-how. And how to use it to gain a high level of confidence online. is a new web site that is dedicated to helping ordinary people thrive on the net. To me thriving on the net means staying connected, enabled, and secure while enjoying to the max what the net has to offer. And accomplishing everything you …

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Screenshot How-to For Your Phone, Tablet, or Computer

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A screenshot is just a picture of what is on your screen at the moment you take it. Might not sound too sexy but when you need one you really need one! I’m not thinking here about the “nice to have” case. I’m thinking about the “I got a real problem and I don’t have even a tiny clue how to fix it” case. That is when you really need to be able to show it to someone. Someone who …

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DU Recorder Review

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DU Recorder is a great little screen recorder for Android. You can find it in the Play Store here. I think this is clearly one of the best, free recorders that is simple and easy to use, so you might want to try it out. It is great for vloggers and casual users alike. In addition to screen recording it sports basic video editing, simple screen shots without hardware buttons, and video streaming. This review is based on version, …