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Internet Know-How For You! Fearless on the Net

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You! Fearless on the net! What does that mean? What is this all about?  In a nut shell it is about Internet know-how. And how to use it to gain a high level of confidence online. is a new web site that is dedicated to helping ordinary people thrive on the net. To me thriving on the net means staying connected, enabled, and secure while enjoying to the max what the net has to offer. And accomplishing everything you …

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Keeping Children Safe Online: Safe and Secure Online

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Keeping children safe online. Safe and secure online. Yes! Let’s do that! And let’s do it before the bad things happen. So that they never get around to happening. Let’s do it for other vulnerable people like seniors also. Let’s do it for ourselves. To do that you need good resources and support to help you out. The Safe and Secure Online program is one of those great resources. UFearless is all about staying safe and secure online as well as staying …