You have the right to modify consents that you have previously given. We are working on an automated consent management page that will show you what consents are currently collected by the system and what your consent status is for each one. That is not ready just yet.

If you feel that you need to exercise this right immediately we can service your request via email. Please do the following:

Send an email to with the following subject: Right to Modify Consents.

In it list one or all of the below listed consents and if want to give or remove consent each on you list:

  • Consent to use email address to send email newsletter and alerts to you.
  • Consent to use your name to personalize communications directed to you.

If you have a login account include your login ID in the email. In this case you must send the email from the same account you specified when you created the UFearless account.

If you do not have a UFearless login account but are registered for the Email Newsletter please include the email address you are registered under and send the email from that address.

If you neither have a login account nor are registered for the newsletter then we need to have your UFN ID. You can find this by opening the Cookie Policy page and scrolling down to the table that lists all of the cookies currently visible to the server. Copy and paste the value of the ufn_id cookie into the email. If you have cleared cookies at some point prior to making this request and that caused a previous UFN ID cookie to be lost we will not be able to prove any data related to any previous UFN IDs because there is no way to connect such data to you. This also means that any such data is no longer personal data because it cannot be connected to you.

We will respond to your email as soon as possible.