What is all this “rights” menu all about?

The rights listed here are legal rights established by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for people who are physically present in the European Union. UFearless supports these not just because the law requires it in applicable cases but more importantly because establishing strong privacy rights legislation, if done well, will make the Internet a better, safer place for us all.

If you are not physically in the EU we still support these rights for you because we think it is the right thing to do. We are all about making the Internet a better, safer place. So, we will respond to your requests just as we will for people in the EU.

Our GDPR implementation is a work in progress and we will probably need to make a few adjustments as we go. Important adjustments will be announced. One of the problems is that this legislation is so new in its applicability and in many ways so vague that no one really knows at this point (June 2018) exactly what it all means. This is going to be a LAYGO (learn as you go) experience. Please bear with us if there is something we have not yet gotten right. If you think you see something that is not correct please get in touch with me through the Contact page.

You can learn more about our implementation of this by reading our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.